Dressage is a magnificent combination of sport and art dedicated to showing the horse to the world in all its glory. With such a vibrant past and rich potential, how could the discipline but have a bright future?
The harmony between the action of the horse and the rhythm of the music, the symmetry and logic of the choreography and the special transitions in music are also looked at. The music of a Freestyle test is not just a background: performing in synchronisation with the rhythm is the ultimate aim. Freestyle is the pinnacle of Dressage execution and when it works, the result is magic. - FEI Fact sheet

  • In search for creating top-level dressage choreographies including music syncing, and making dressage tests more transparent and objective, EQM-C was developed: an innovative tool for visualizing choreographies.

  • EQM-C graphics provide an easy to understand overview of the complete choreography, including all the different gaits, figures and timing.

  • It enhances the excitement of the competition and the uncertainty of the final result; will the combination be able to perform the test as planned, or will it be a bridge too far? Where did it go wrong? What elements were unique?

  • For broadcast use the EQM-C app offers many exciting opportunities (compare with football and Formula 1 broadcast telemetry and visualization tools).

  • An objective indication about the quality and degree of difficulty (D.O.D) of the (FTM) tests provides the public (layman / amateur-rider / fan) with a wider, deeper and objective perspective of the choreography and music used in the Freestyle.

  • Using the EQM-C app in broadcast increases the viewers’ insight and knowledge about dressage, not only for the layman but also for the amateur and expert. This way a tool is offered to make dressage sports more understandable, more transparent and more attractive for television.

Video: Maarten van der Heijden - KNHS
"Importance of the media"

Video: Joost de Vries - NOS
"Making dressage more exciting"

'Freestyle is the pinnacle of Dressage execution and when it works, the result is magic.'