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An innovative tool for dressage visualization

Available in 2016
EQM-C: an innovative tool for creating and visualising dressage choreographies. Developed to create top-level dressage choreographies including music syncing, and making dressage tests more transparent, objective and attractive (FEI objectives).
EQM-C graphics provide an exciting and easy to understand overview of the complete choreography and music, including all the different gaits, figures and timing.

Video: Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén & Don Auriello 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics: Freestyle To Music "Good Vibrations" full choreography [6:32]
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About EQM-C

EQM-C is applicable to:

Dressage tests used in World Cup League, European and World Championships including the Olympic Games

  • Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special
  • Freestyle to Music


Read what riders, judges and commentators say about EQM-C.

EQM-C for broadcasters

Plug and Play for commentators
EQM-C visualizes the choreographies and music syncing of the highest level of dressage tests. Animated videos can be played before, after and in sync (real-time) during the tests as broadcasted on TV.
EQM-C can create Plug & Play videos or can be used as an interactive tool on screen.
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